Hidden Acres Rhododendrons - Campbell River, BC

Hidden Acres Rhododendron Photo Gallery

We have an extensive photograhic gallery of rhododendron, azalea, companion plant and garden scenery digital pictures.  We have organized the gallery by groups such as Lofthouse Hybrids, Garden Scenes, Hybrids, Species, Companion Plants and The Rest of the Gallery.

Click on the name of the section or the picture to access the desired gallery.


Lofthouse Hybrids

Garden Scenes



Companion Plants

Chorus Line - Lofthouse
Chorus Line

Garden and Pond - Garden Scenes
Garden and Pond

augustinii - Species

Golden Flair - Azaleas
Golden Flair

Hosta - Companion Plants - Hosta

Hybrids A-F

Hybrids G-L

Hybrids M-R

Hybrids S-Z

Archived Photos

Forever Yours - Hybrids A-F
Forever Yours

George's Delight - Hybrids G-L
George's Delight

Pacific Sunset -  Hybrids M-R
Pacific Sunset

Tahitian Dawn  -  Hybrids S-Z
T tahitian Dawn

Burnaby Beauty - Archived from Tripod
Burnaby Beauty